Stocking Stuffers - Gifts under $50

Stocking Stuffers - Gifts under $50

Posted by Cambria Connell on

I don't know about you, but one of my favourite parts of the holiday season was opening my stocking bright and early on Christmas morning! Who am I kidding - it's still my favourite!
This year we've put together a list of some of our favourite Ebb & Flow stocking stuffers for under $50. These goodies will fit perfectly in that stocking and are sure to bring lots of joy!


Ebb & Flow Jewelry Stocking Stuffer Guide




  •  Give her the unique gift of the flower associated with her birth month. (Available in gold & rose gold filled goes over the $50 mark).

2. STUDS ($15-20)

  • Choose from our popular tiny hearts, circles, diamonds or triangles! There's a shape for everyone!

    3. CIRCLE RING ($32-36)

    • Available in silver, gold filled and rose gold filled, this ring is super comfortable and great for the minimalist in your life!

    4. TINY HOOP EARRINGS ($10-15)

    • Available in 3 sizes (7mm, 9mm & 11mm) - the perfect hoop to put in and not have to worry about!

      5. STAPLE EARRINGS ($10-15)

      • These staple shaped earrings are simple, minimal and super fun & can be worn two different ways.


        • Show off their zodiac sign in this fun and subtle way! Fits best on a small disc or tag pendant. (Available in gold filled & rose gold filled but will go over the $50 mark). 

        7. SKINNY WRAP RINGS ($20-$35)

        • The perfect ring when you're unsure of exact size. Personalize with initials or hearts!

        8.  HEART RING ($32-36)

        • Show some love with this charming, handmade Heart Ring.

          9. STAMPED STUDS ($40-50)

          • A fun style you can design yourself! (Rose gold will go over the $50).

            10. STACKING RINGS ($20-30)

            • Choose from hammered, line textured, beaded or a set of all three for the perfect stack! Available in silver, gold fill and rose gold fill. (To keep it under $50, choose from a set of silver rings or one gold filled or rose gold filled ring).

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