Care Instructions

All jewelry by Ebb & Flow is made of high quality 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled and sterling silver.
We do not use any plated materials that will turn green or turn you green!

WATERPROOF: You can shower, swim and exercise in our jewelry!

HYPOALLERGENIC: Our metals are all nickel free, which means they are considered hypoallergenic!

*INSIDER TIP: If the black comes out of your design, rub a sharpie/permanent marker over the design and remove the excess with a tissue and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

14K Gold Filled Jewelry is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold. Gold filled is a layer of gold pressure bonded to another metal. It is not to be confused with gold plating as it has 100% more gold than gold plate & is tarnish & peel resistant.

To make it long lasting, here are some tips:

  • Keep it dry. Apply makeup, hairspray or lotions before putting jewelry on.
  • Gently wipe with a polishing cloth to remove any skin oils, makeup, etc
  • Do not use abrasive chemicals or products to clean. Use warm, soapy water.
  • Store jewelry separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry.

What is the difference between Gold Filled Jewelry and Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold Filled Jewelry:

  • has 100x more real gold than gold plate
  • is tarnish and peel resistant (unlike gold plated material)
  • is a beautiful and affordable alternative to solid gold
  • can be worn by people with sensitive skin
  • can be cleaned and washed in mild soap and water

Sterling Silver is one of the most popular metals for jewelry because of its beauty and versatility. When oxygen or sulfur come in contact with silver, it does cause tarnishing – giving a dirty look to the silver. Fortunately, caring for your sterling silver is not hard.

 For best results:

  • Wear it! Your oils will clean the silver.
  • Avoid exposure to cleaning supplies, lotions, hairspray, makeup, swimming, sunbathing.
  • Store jewelry separately in airtight bags.
  • Clean with a special silver polishing cloth.
  • Polishing pads are great for sterling silver! 
  • Clean with soap & water, or try one of the many homemade silver cleaners online.