You have something you want to hold on to - whether it’s a moment in time, cherishing a loved one, or a daily reminder to “breathe” - there’s something you want to stay connected to.

A physical Reminder

I can absolutely relate. I’m Cambria, maker and owner of Ebb & Flow Jewelry.  I know what it feels like to need a physical reminder to keep a story close to your heart - the need to stay connected to a memory in your life. In 2015 I lost my stepfather.  As a family, we were lost. I was lost. And I found myself needing a way to keep him close.I made four necklaces for the family - one for me, my mom and my step-sisters.  It was the feeling our necklaces gave us - the feeling of having something tangible to hold on to that really got me through the hardest times.

With Ebb & Flow, I hoped I could help others feel as I did when I wore my necklace dedicated to him - like I was still connected to him and could continue to carry him with me everyday.

My passion for jewelry began as a young child, always admiring my mom’s beautiful jewelry. As a teenager, my girlfriend and I would lock ourselves in my room and make beaded jewelry for days at a time. As I got older, I continued to make a lot of the jewelry I wore, loving the craft of creating something for myself. But it wasn’t until the connection with my necklace for my stepfather that I knew this was my path.

I am continually inspired by your stories - your stories of love, life, loss, challenges, victories, honesty and raw truth. I am humbled and honoured to create mementos of your life and hope that Ebb & Flow can be an inspiration for you.

It’s with the same love and intention I put into creating those first four necklaces that I put into every piece I create, knowing I’m helping you express, connect to and wear your story.