Ebb + Flow Jewelry - Permanent Jewelry
Permanent Jewelry is on hold in Canada until I return from Mexico in the Spring.
In the meantime, click here to purchase a Gift Certificate (that can be fulfilled starting in the spring!)

Permanent Jewelry Price List


Permanent Jewelry is a bracelet, anklet or necklace that doesn't have a typical clasp for easy removal.The ends are welded or “zapped” together with the intention of never taking it off.It is a beautiful symbol of connection, love and sweet memories - great for mother/daughters, besties, bridal parties or any special connection in your life.

1. Pick your chain

Choose from a variety of styles of chain in 14k gold filled and sterling silver (14k solid gold available upon request)

2. Customize your fit/Get perfectly fitted

Your bracelet or anklet will be custom fit to your comfort before it’s permanently welded on. 

3. Zap it!

A quick and entirely painless tiny zap will weld the chain together - and that’s it!

We use only high quality 14k gold filled and sterling silver

No, the process is entirely painless!

Permanent does not mean is it invincible - it could break without proper care.

Yes! You can use a pair of scissors or any other cutters to snip off the jump ring.

Make sure to cut the jump ring so it can be welded back on at a later date!

No problem! It's just a $20 fee for a re-weld.

Clean with a polishing cloth or use a soft toothbrush and mild, soapy water

Yes! You will have no problem with airport security.

We will guarantee your weld for the first 14 days after your appointment.

Ebb & Flow is not responsible for broken chains, lost jewelry, allergic reactions due to metals, discolouring, tarnishing, and stretching.

(Yes, discolouring can happen due to the pH of our skin.)

Sorry, all permanent jewelry sales are final.