2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is upon as again and we at Ebb & Flow believe in the magic of the season! We hope this carefully created gift guide will help inspire you to create something extra special and personal for all the beautiful women in your life.  


Ebb & Flow Jewelry Gifts For Mama

  • A necklace with her children's birth flowers on it - either a small oval necklace with multiple pendants or large oval necklace that can hold up to two flowers.
  • A necklace with her children’s initials - we recommend the small disc, tiny disc or tag necklace. 
  • A skinny bar necklace or nameplate with her children’s full names.
  • Mama bear (with a bear stamp) stamped on any style of necklace (the small disc looks really nice). 
  • The word “family” stamped on any style of necklace. 
  • Heart studs or a heart ring to send her some love.
  • Constellations of her children's zodiac sign - this looks super cute on a small disc or tag necklace. 


Ebb & Flow Jewelry Love Gifts 

  • The word "love" stamped on any style of necklace. 
  • A large oval flower necklace with two flowers - one each to represent the happy couple.
  • Tiny heart studs.
  • Small or big heart ring or heart necklace.
  • Important dates - wedding date, anniversary or when they first met - stamped on any style necklace or a cuff.
  • Skinny wrap ring with either 2 hearts or x/o on either end.
  • Initials - these look great on small disc, tiny disc or tag necklaces.
  • Constellations of your zodiac signs. 
  • Circle necklace - the circle represents eternity. 

 Ebb & Flow Jewelry Friendship Gifts

  • Her zodiac constellation on a small disc or tag necklace.
  • Her birth flower on a small or large oval.
  • Tag necklace or stamped studs with a wave, mountain, tree, heart - something that represents her best. 
  • Tiny hoops (choose from 3 sizes) or staple earrings - the perfect gift for the subtle jewelry wearer.
  • Hammered wrap ring with a word or design stamped on it.
  • Circle necklace - the circle represents infinity, making it the perfect representation of ‘friends forever.’
  • Any style of stud - simple and fun.
  • Tiny disc necklace - a perfect layering piece for the minimalist.
  • Stamped words: soul sister, or something they could use a reminder of - be still, choose love, breathe, brave.



For the Adventurer: a mountain stamp, tree stamp, wave stamp, camper/ tent stamp or the word wander stamped on any piece of jewelry. 

For the Animal Lover: paw print stamp, cat stamp or their pet’s name stamped on any piece of necklace. (We love the paw print on the tag necklace!)

For the Mindful: a stamped word or phrase they could use as a reminder. Some ideas include: Dream big, be still, grateful, gratitude, love, breathe.

For the Minimalist: tiny hoops, staple earrings, 3 tiny disc necklace, satellite chain, paperclip chain, stamped studs or other shaped studs.

For the Bold: bangle hoops, hammered wrap ring, large circle or large heart ring, thick bangles.


Click here to see all gift ideas in one spot! 

Ebb & Flow Jewelry 2021 Gift Guide

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! x

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