January Birthdays

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January, the first month of the year (as per the Julian calendar), is about new beginnings, new resolutions, new promises, and, well, all things new! If you’re about to start your new year by celebrating a January baby, you are in the perfect place.

There’s something special about those born in January, because many of us often aspire to be like them. With a natural sense of humor and wit along with a healthy dose of sarcasm and ingenuity, they are fun to be around. Not to mention, these January babes are often less irritable than the rest of us. The cold weather tends to make them much more chill (pun intended!) when it comes to dealing with life-and we think that's a trait worth aspiring for!

These January babes are also said to be much more innovative and imaginative with excellent problem-solving skills. So, if you see these January babies finishing puzzles you've struggled with or creating something unique, don’t be surprised; creativity comes naturally to them. People born in January are bold and brave. They like to take all the burdens of a task on themselves, sometimes thinking they can manage everything on their own.  But don't worry- they often realize that they do need the rest of us!

We could go on about these January babies, and the studies showing that being born early in the year is a proven advantage in school, sports, and their careers! But instead, we will leave you with this: January birthdays are some of the rarest, which means those January born people in your life are one of a kind. The best thing you can do for such a special and unique person is to give them a gift that represents exactly that.

January Birth Flower Necklace


The birth flower for January is the charismatic carnation. Said to symbolize love in all its forms, dependent on the color of carnation. This flower is perfect for the start of the new year.

Gemstone Jewelry


January’s birthstone, garnet, is a deep and fiery red. This stone is said to symbolize friendship, protection, love, vitality and trust. It doesn’t hurt that garnet looks amazing with silver, rose gold and gold.

Constellation Necklaces


The January zodiac signs are Capricorn from the 1st to the 20th of January and Aquarius from the 21st.  Capricorns are thought to be hard-working, ambitious, and practical. Aquarians, on the other hand are free-spirited, intelligent, and quirky.


January Birth Flower Necklace
Gemstone Jewelry
Constellation NecklaceConstellation Necklace

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