Top Tips on Layering Necklaces with Style

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Layering your strands has never been easier

Layering necklaces might not be new, but this past year it has certainly been taken to the next level (hello #neckmess), and when a look is this determined, it's time to call it a classic. One of the many reasons we love this classic at Ebb and Flow is because it gives so much opportunity for personal expression. Plus, wearing multiple pieces in an ever-changing mix of combinations lets you enjoy more of the pieces in your jewelry collection—and who doesn't love that? Here are our top 6 tips for layering with style.

1. Put the odds in your favor: When arranging any vignette – odd numbers are ideal. Even numbers create symmetry, and are less likely to amuse the viewer. Odd numbers, by contrast, encourage the eye to move around the grouping, creating visual interest. If you’re just starting out, 3 is a great number- check out our Necklace Layering Set for pre-styled layering. 

2. Vary Your Lengths: When layering necklaces, choose strands in a variety of lengths. This will prevent a cluttered appearance and keep chains from tangling. While there’s no need to break out a ruler- for a tidy, tiered look, choose a short strand that hugs the collarbone (approximately 14 inches), a medium necklace that dips lower (around 16 inches), and a longer chain or drop (18-20 inches or longer) to complete the look. You want to make sure every piece has breathing room, to create harmony. 

3. Your Chains or Metals: Half the fun of layering is juxtaposing contrasting styles. Mixing metals and chain styles is a great way to showcase your inner stylist. Metals are neutrals, meaning they naturally play nice, so mixing things up is a great way to add depth and interest. Check out some of our favorite necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold. Mixing chains is also a great way to add contrast, dimension and sparkle. Combine thinner chains like our figaro or satellite with a thicker paperclip chain. You can even add a 3-disc necklace into the mix. These combinations will make your layer more interesting, and as a plus, it’ll tangle less! 

4. Select a Statement:  A trio of simple strands will always look great. But there’s plenty of room to have fun – larger stamped discs or ovals (like our birth flower necklace), stamped bars or nameplates and other statement pieces will bring your layered look to the next level. The secret? Choose one statement piece, not three. Start with the statement necklace, then select a couple more streamlined pieces like a satellite or figaro chain,  a tiny disc , tag or 3 gemstone necklace. Give yourself a more eclectic look, without overdoing it.

5. Make It Personal:  To create a truly one-of-a-kind look, consider jewelry with your own personal stamp on it – be it a letter, word, your birth constellation, birthstone or birth flower. This is the perfect opportunity to wear pieces that show off your personality. 

6. Drops Last: Often referred to as a lariat or Y necklace, drop necklaces are the perfect long layer. Though the drop is stunning on its own, it adds a dimension to layers that other necklaces can’t, without being too extra. Check out our gemstone drop and paperclip drop necklaces for some inspiration.

The options are endless, now take our lead and get creative!

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