6 Gift Ideas for Mom

6 Gift Ideas for Mom

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The best gift ideas for mom are thoughtful, sentimental and full of love. This is exactly why customized, hand-stamped jewelry is the perfect gift for her. Whether she’s a new mom, a mother figure in your life or the one who raised you, these personalized jewelry pieces below will celebrate and remind her just how amazing of a woman she truly is.

All jewelry pieces are made in sterling silver, gold filled or rose gold filled and are customizable with the ability to choose ring sizes and necklace chain lengths. Above all else, she’ll be able to add more discs, bars or tags as her family grows.

Show Mama how much she means by gifting her a priceless custom piece of jewelry she will forever hold close to her heart with these 6 ideas below.

1. Birth Flower Necklace

Our newest and most favourite necklaces! These custom, hand-drawn flowers are the sweetest gift for mama! As they represent the month you were born, this necklace is the perfect, discreet, unique and meaningful gift to show off her children!

2. Mama Bear

Our most popular necklace and we know why! This is a great representation for the mom who is sweet and cuddly but also protective of her cubs. This stamp looks great on any piece and can make an excellent gift at a baby shower before the baby’s name is revealed. Have it stamped on a name plate, small disc or tag necklace depending on her style! You will certainly be showing the Mama bear in your life some love with this sweet gift.

Ebb & Flow Jewelry Mama bear NecklaceEbb & Flow Jewelry Mama Bear Nameplate Necklace

3. Initials

A more delicate and minimalist option, initials of her kids are a simple way to create an incredibly meaningful gift. Initials look super cute on tiny and small disc necklaces.


4. Names

The perfect gift for the Mom with children who have unique names! This ‘one-of-a-kind’ piece of jewelry will surely become one of her most prized possessions- next to her kids of course ;)

5. Birthdate

Having her kid’s birthdates stamped on a piece of jewelry is a subtle way for her to stay connected with her children no matter how young or old. 


Ebb & Flow Jewelry Date Bar Necklace
6. Constellations

For the mom who loves her kids to the moon and back, stamping her children’s zodiac signs is a trendy and creative gift she will undoubtedly hold dear to her heart. 

Ebb & Flow Jewelry - Constellation Necklace

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