October Birthdays

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October Jewelry

The start of October means a few things: Autumn is officially underway, Halloween is around the corner, and holiday preparations are beginning. In other words, it’s the perfect month for a birthday! 

October born babes are ruled by Venus, making them natural charmers, who are renowned for creating harmony and peace. Combine that with their natural affinity for fitness and longevity- it makes them the ideal partner.

So, is it any wonder that more American presidents have celebrated October birthdays than any other month?! This includes Adams, Eisenhower, Carter, and Roosevelt. Not to mention some other well-known celebrities: Matt Damon (Oct 8), Simon Cowell (Oct 7), Ryan Reynolds (Oct 23), Julia Roberts (Oct 28) and, of course, The Sound of Music's Julie Andrews (Oct 1). 

October Birth Flower Necklace


The birth flower for October is Marigold, aka Calendula. These flowers can grow up to almost two feet tall and are valued for their healing properties. You can use it to help soothe cuts, burns, sores, and even insect bites.

Gemstone Jewelry


The birthstone for October is Pink Opal.  The Pink Opal is a compassionate and nurturing stone, encouraging one to be their authentic self. Pink Opal can calm anxious nerves, balance and center emotions providing a sense of of peace and tranquility..

Constellation Necklaces


The October zodiac signs are Libra from Oct 01 to the 22nd, and Scorpio from the 23rd through to the end of the month.  
Libras are often known as balanced and social. Scorpios, on the other hand, are very passionate and loyal.


October Birth Flower Necklace
Gemstone Jewelry
Constellation NecklaceConstellation Necklace

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