Creating the Perfect Ring Stack

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Ebb & Flow Jewelry - All Rings
With endless options these days, it can be difficult to know which rings belong in your ring set! Your rings become a part of your look and represent your personality. 

Below we’ve broken down the anatomy of a perfect stack. Use this to help  easily create your perfect ring look this season.  

Ebb & Flow Jewelry - All Rings

1. Mix Textures: 
Mixing textures of rings is a great way to add contrast, dimension and sparkle. Opting for something like our beaded stackerlined stacker, and hammered texture stacker are a great way to add texture. 

2. Use Different Shapes:
 Incorporating a different shape into your ring mix is a fun, and whimsical way to show off your boho creative side. We recommend adding a chevron or a wave ring into your collection to take your stacking set to the next level.   

3. Stack multiple on one finger: 
Don’t be afraid to stack some of the more minimal styled rings on top of each other. A beaded ring with a hammered ring on top and/or a hand stamped ring makes a really cute combo!  

4. Statement Rings: 
A statement ring is a ring that doesn’t necessarily have to match any of your others. It looks super clean and beautiful sitting on its own while other fingers carry more of the stackable types of rings. Great options for statement rings are our Large Circle RingSmall Circle RingBig Heart RingHeart RingHammered Wrap Ring, or even our Stamped Ring.  

5. Mix Metals: 
Mixing metals is a great way to showcase your style. If you’re feeling bold, mix all 3 metals (gold filled, sterling silver and rose gold filled) into your ring set. If you’d like a more minimal, cohesive look, choose 2 metals to mix. Silver and rose gold look absolutely stunning together while silver and yellow gold hold more of a classic look. Mixing your metals will create a unique set only you will have and by switching the rings around you’ll have a completely different set each time!   

6. Midi Rings: 
A midi, is a ring that sits on the finger above the knuckle. Midi's add a pop of creativity to any stack! A great option for a midi ring is our hammered stacker, wave ring or chevron ring. Most often these are size 3 or smaller and look great on your ring, middle, or index finger! 

7. Leave One Finger Bare: 
Leaving one finger without any rings on will create a clean, minimal look without feeling like your stacking set is too much. A great finger to leave bare is your pinky or your thumb.  

The options are endless, now take our lead and get creative!

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