Ring Size Guide

Ebb & Flow Jewelry Ring Size Guide

You’ve found your personalized hand-stamped ring or the perfect stacker set - now, how do you figure out your size!? We’ve broken finding your perfect ring size into an easy guide!

Helpful hints before you measure:

  1. Make sure your fingers are normal room temperature - not hot (which can cause swelling), or cold (which can cause shrinking).
  2. Your ring should fit comfortably - it shouldn’t fall off when you shake your hand, but it should also be loose enough to slide over your knuckle with a little bit of resistance.
  3. Measure multiple times, just to be certain!
Here is a basic guideline as to how sizing works: 
Small (petite): sizes 5, 6 
Medium (average): sizes 7, 8 
Large: Sizes 9, 10

Guide to Finding Your Ring Size

Option 1: Get Sized by a Jeweller 

The best way to find your ring size is to see a jeweller. If we are at a market near you, please don’t hesitate to come get sized! We are happy to offer this service! Alternatively, any jewelry store will be able to size you. 

Ring Size Chart

Option 2: Measure a Ring you Already Have

If you have a ring that already fits, print out the ring sizing chart HERE.

  • Place your ring on the circles until you find the right size.
  • If your ring falls between two sizes, go with the larger size. 

Click here to print the ring sizing chart.




Ring Sizer

Option 3: Purchase a Reusable Ring Sizer

Another accurate way to measure your ring size is to purchase a reusable, inexpensive ring measuring tool. This eliminates any of the confusion and will ensure you get the exact size you need! 

We recommend putting the ring sizer on your finger, fitting it to size and then making sure you can take it on and off over your knuckle.

Click here to purchase a ring sizer.

Rings Sizer to Cut

 Option 4: Measure Your Finger with a Printable Ring Sizer.

*You can use string or floss but we don't recommend it as it can stretch or get twisted. For best results, print out the paper ring sizer here.

  • Cut out the ring sizer and cut a slit in the dotted line.
  • Wrap the ruler around your finger and put the pointed end through the slit until it fits comfortably.   
  • Make sure you can slide the ruler on and off over your knuckle.

We recommend doing this 3-4 times for accuracy.

Click here to print the ring sizer.