Love Inspiration

A list of ideas and words to help create the perfect LOVE GIFT: 

  • Love” stamped on any style of necklace. 
  • Heart studs - available in regular or tiny size. 
  • Coordinates stamped on a necklace - where she got engaged, married or a meaningful spot to her. This looks great on a Skinny Bar necklace with two bars or a Nameplate Necklace.  
  • Important dates stamped on any style of necklace - wedding date, anniversary or when they first met.
  • Initials - these look great on Small Disc, Tiny Disc or Tag Necklaces.
  • 1 or 2 hearts stamped on any style of jewelry - looks adorable on rings. 
  • ‘X’ & ‘O’ stamped on any style of jewelry - looks adorable on rings or stamped studs.
  • Constellations of your zodiac signs. 
  • Circle necklace or circle ring - the circle represents eternity, forever. 
  • Heart necklace or heart ring
  • Love Gift Box - comes with a love stamped necklace, tiny heart studs & goodies from our favourite small businesses. This is an excellent option for those looking for something that’s already put together. 


  • love
  • loved
  • always
  • forever
  • yours
  • a word that reminds you of them - click HERE to see a full list of words