Friendship Inspiration

Bestie Gift Ideas

A list of ideas and words for the bestie in your life:


  • Matching rings - we recommend a stacker set or having a meaningful word stamped on a stampable ring. 
  • Her Birth Flower on a small or large oval necklace.
  • Her zodiac constellation on a small disc or tag necklace.
  • Something with her birthstone or simply her favourite gemstone.
  • Tag necklace or stamped studs with a wave, mountain, tree, heart - something that represents her best.
  • Circle necklace or circle ring - the circle represents infinity, making it the perfect representation of ‘friends forever.’
  • Hammered wrap ring with a word or design stamped on it.
  • 3 Tiny disc necklace - a perfect layering piece for the minimalist.
  • Wrap rings - these are adjustable & make the perfect gift when you don’t know their exact ring or wrist size. 
  • Any style of stud - you’ll be sure to find something that suits your friend’s unique style
  • Stamped words: soul sister, or something they could use a reminder of - be still, choose love, breathe, brave.


  • nicknames you have for each other
  • bestie
  • a word that reminds you of them - click HERE to see a full list of words.