Bracelet Size Guide

Bracelets are the ultimate accessory, a simple addition to any outfit that can say as little or as much as you want. Here at Ebb & Flow, we have a charming mix of classic and minimalist bracelets giving us all the bright finishes and subtle femininity vibes a girl could want. 

But, before we get lost in our bracelet envy we need to talk about finding the right fit. A bracelet's beauty can be lost if the fit is sloppy or uncomfortable. So, we’ve created this simple guide to help you find the perfect size, making all of your bracelet dreams come true!


Measure your wrist

  • STEP 1: Grab a tape measure, length of string, or strip of paper.
  • STEP 2: Wrap it around the wrist you’ll wear your bracelet. Mark the place where it joins. Creating a stack? Measure on your arm where you’ll wear each bracelet.
  • STEP 3: Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the length up to the mark. Write it down.

Necklace Length Chart 




Remember the one rule for styling accessories is that there are no rules! Just have fun and wear bracelets that express who you are. So, whether it's a classic chain bracelet (dapped, figaro, paperclip, or tiny disc), gemstone bracelet, hand-stamped bracelet, bangle, or wrap cuff- you have our permission to enjoy your daily bracelet with as many wrist companions as you fancy!