Bangle Size Guide

Ebb & Flow Jewelry Bangle
There’s just something about finding a bracelet that fits just right! And because bangles do not have a closure and must be slipped over the hand, getting an accurate measurement is key to a good fit! There are a couple ways to do this

1. Measure a Good Fitting Bangle

Measuring the inner diameter of a bangle you already have that fits well can be a very accurate way to measure for your size. Compare the measurement with the chart below.

How to Measure a Bangle

How to Measure a Bangle
2. Measuring Your Hand
You can also determine your bangle size by measuring the widest place on your hand. This needs to be accurately done for the best result. You will need a flexible tape measure or a piece of string (or dental floss in a pinch) and a ruler. 

1. Bring your thumb and little finger together as if putting on a bangle.
2. Wrap the tape measure or string around your hand at the widest part (make sure to include your knuckles, including the thumb knuckle). Make sure to pull it snug. Measure the length.
3. Compare your length to the sizes on the chart below. 

Bangle Measurement Chart
Wrist Size Length Inner Diameter
X-Small 7" 2.25"
Small 7.5" 2.38"
Medium 8" 2.5"
Large 8.5" 2.75"
X-Large 9" 2.87"


The general rule is to go up to your nearest size.  However, if, for example, you know you have very small wrists, and like to wear your bangles snug, you may want to round down. For me, my measurement is ~7.5”, which would make me a size small. However, because my wrists are very small, I like to size down to extra small. Just don't go down too small - you don't want to bend your bracelet out of shape.