Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Gift Guide for Mother's Day

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There is no one person who compares to a mother and no one love that compares to a mother's love; which is why we understand just how difficult it can be to choose a gift to express your appreciation.  So, whether you're shopping for a mother, a grandmother, a new mother or a mother-figure, we want to help you give these remarkable women a gift from your heart.

Here at Ebb & Flow, we believe the best gifts are not just thoughtful, but also sentimental, and full of love. This is exactly why our customized and hand-stamped jewelry is ideal. Personalized jewelry pieces can be a timeless celebration and reminder of life's very best-- something she will forever hold close to her heart. Check out our ideas below to create the perfect heartfelt gift this Mother's Day.

Gemstone Collection

Gemstones are Ebb and Flow's highest vibe pieces! Our gemstone collection is made up of necklaces, earrings and bracelets allowing you to choose a piece that best suits moms style. When selecting her gemstone you can base it on her favourite colour, the energetics of the stone or a birthdate (hers or her children's). This will create a personalized look that is uniquely her own. Our gemstones are also the perfect add-ons to a stamped necklace.


Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Necklaces are one of our favourites at Ebb & Flow and definitely our most popular! These custom, hand-drawn flowers are the sweetest gift for a mama! When selecting her flower you can base it on her favourite bloom or birthdate (hers or her children's). This necklace can be a unique and meaningful gift to show off her children!


Mama Bear

Ebb & Flow's Mama Bear stamp captures the strong bond and tender love a mother has for her children. The mama bear is a fierce protector.  This stamp makes an excellent gift for the expecting mother and seasoned mother, alike. Have it stamped on a name plate, small disc or tag necklace depending on her style! 


 Family Love

Here at Ebb & Flow we believe in the power of a single word. Gift the mama in your life with a word that is meaningful to her. This large or small disc necklace is the perfect staple for everyday wear- and great to layer with other necklaces!

Initials are one of Ebb & Flow's most delicate and minimalist options for mom. Wearing the initials of the one's she loves is a simple way to create a meaningful gift. They look great on a small or tiny disc necklace on their own or as an add-on!



Name stamps are one of Ebb & Flow's favourite gift's for the mom with unique children names! They create a ‘one-of-a-kind’ piece of jewelry that will immediately become her most prized possession. These look fantastic on a skinny bar or name plate necklace.

Here at Ebb & Flow we love the simple reminder of a date. Whether it is a birthdate or an unforgettable event between those closest to you -it's timeless. Birthdates are a subtle way for mom to stay connected to her children no matter the distance or age. These look fantastic on a skinny bar, name plate necklace or disc. 


Here at Ebb & Flow we are forever looking to the stars for inspiration. These constellation necklaces are for the mom who loves her kids to the moon and back. Stamping her children’s zodiac signs is a creative gift that mom will undoubtedly hold dear to her heart. These look fantastic on a disc or tag necklace. 




 Meet Ebb & Flow's newest necklace! This big and little dipper stamp is is sure to put stars in her eyes. The big dipper is akin to the celestial mama bear, while the big and little dipper  together can symbolize the bond between a mother and child. These stamps are ideal on our disc necklaces.


Note: All jewelry pieces are made in sterling silver, gold-filled, or rose gold filled and are customizable with the ability to choose necklace chain lengths. Above all else, no matter the design you choose, your mom will be able to add more discs, bars, or tags as her family grows.

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