Father's Day - A Story of Love and Loss

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Father's Day Blog - My Two Dads
A story about my two dads has to start with a little bit about my family. Some could say I have a special and unusual family situation.  Both my parents remarried when I was young and so I grew up with two moms and two dads.  Although growing up with divorced parents isn’t unusual, the difference for me is that my parents made an effort to mend any issues and stay close - for me.  We have a very small family and it was important to my parents to not make it divided and any smaller. We became so close that we began to spend our holidays together - Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays… me and my four parents. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood - getting the love of four parents rather than just two. 
Celebrating my parents and everything they’ve done is very important to me, particularly on Father’s Day (and Mother's Day, of course)! 
My dad is one of the greatest guys to walk the earth (no, I’m not biased at all - he really is!) and I cherish every day I get to spend with him. There’s a bond my dad and I have that I’ve never felt with anyone else.  We just know each other. It’s probably because I’m so much like him - too much sometimes, my family might say. Ha- I remember playing Pictionary with him as a teenager - neither of us can draw to save ourselves.  But he had two sides of a rectangle drawn and I yelled DOMINO! We just get each other. (No one would play against us again!) 

My dad is an adventurer and gave me my love for adventure. Like him, I can’t sit still for long and yearn to discover new corners of this beautiful world. He has taught me that although we’re not here for a long time, if we use our time wisely (ie. don’t waste our time), we can accomplish a lot, see a lot, live a lot. And although he’s always off on a new adventure, he is my rock. He is my constant and I don’t know what I’d do without him.


fathers day - loss
This time of year is also hard for me. To be honest, there are many dates in the year that are hard now- my stepdad's birthday, his anniversary with my mom, the holidays, the day we lost him - really, it’s all days still. But, Father’s Day is particularly tough. 

While my dad taught me adventure, my stepdad taught me grounding.  He taught me that home is a solid, loving and important place to have and come back to. He showed me the importance of feeling secure and having a solid foundation - he worked hard to provide a happy, safe home for our family.  My stepdad had so much faith in me and told me I could do anything I set my mind to. And I know he really believed that. He also taught me to be ridiculous - to laugh, to tell jokes, to make light of the heavy. He did it well - better than most. A night with him made for a sore stomach the next day from laughing! 

I would give anything to call him, say Happy Father’s Day and tell him how much I love him. I would give anything to have him call me any of his crazy nicknames he had for me, here one of his ridiculous witticisms, and ask me personal life questions, saying “your mom told me to ask,” knowing full well she didn’t. 

To the love of my two dads. I am so much better for having their guidance and love.
To the love of your dads - whether they’re with you today or in spirit. Celebrate them today - and everyday - there is no love like it. 

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  • Well if I didn’t need a whole truckload of Kleenex to read this post!!
    It made me cry- but it warmed my heart too. To see that there can be peace and happiness from the things that break our hearts. That true love really does live forever in our hearts.
    Inspirational touching and epically personal.
    You are beautiful inside and out and from that beauty comes the jewelry you make. I treasure my pieces. They bring me joy but most all of they make sure that the words I have chosen to wear as my story are always close as a reminder of my lives in life.
    Thank you for always inspiring me.

    Heather Griffith on

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