Mama Inspiration

mama bear necklace
Here's a list of ideas for the perfect gift for the MAMA in your life:

  • Birth Flower necklace with her children's flowers.
  • Mama bear (with bear symbol) on a small disc or nameplate.
  • A necklace with her children’s initials - we recommend the small disctiny disc or tag necklace
  • A skinny bar necklace or nameplate with her children’s full names.
  • The word “family” stamped on any style of necklace. 
  • Constellations of their kids' zodiac sign - this looks super cute on a small disc or tag necklace. 
  • A necklace with their child's birthdate on it.
  • Mama Gift Box - comes with a small disc necklace (with choice of mama bear, family or loved) & goodies from our favourite small businesses. This is an excellent option for those looking for something that’s already put together. 


  • family
  • love
  • loved
  • mama (or your version of what you call your mama)
  • a word that reminds you of her - click HERE to see a full list of words.